Incredible Ideas in Unusual Places

By Mike Gianfagna on October 29, 2015 from

IoT, IoE, The Connected World, ARM-based anything. OK, I’ve gotten some buzz terms out of the way - and probably improved search engine optimization (SEO) for this post quite a bit. The point is, all of these buzz terms hold promise for the Next Big Thing. That new, killer app that will create ... continue reading

Figure 1

A New Look. A Proven Culture

By Jack Harding on September 10, 2015 from

The eSilicon logo, along with our entire website, has been upgraded. Fifteen years ago we crafted a logo ideal for a paper economy and many printed elements. We should have seen it coming, but the essentially paperless, digitized world we navigate today is not particularly friendly towards our ... continue reading


The Times They Are A-Changin’

By Mike Gianfagna on August 27, 2015 from

Let me start out by saying that I’m not a huge Bob Dylan fan. I’m an American that grew up in the 1960s, so it’s hard to not call some of Dylan’s catalog a soundtrack for your life.The song that I used to title this blog has some special relevance for me and eSilicon. Recently, we’ve ... continue reading


Consolidation Creates Confusion

By Mike Gianfagna on July 30, 2015 from

Consolidation in any industry is a sign of maturation. Diverse business models converge to the ones that really work. Supply and demand find equilibrium with a right-sized supply base. And generally, the fittest survive. The semiconductor industry is somewhere around a half-century old, so ... continue reading