Webinar: 10-Minute GDSII Tapeout Quotes

Join eSilicon and SemiWiki for a webinar demonstrating eSilicon's new automated GDSII quoting tool.
July 31, 2014, 8:00 AM PDT.
GDSII online quoting tool webinar >>>

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Instant MPW Quotes: New Die Packaging Services

Request a free account and explore your multi-project wafer (MPW) production options with no obligation. Our newest MPW quoting tool includes standard IC package options.
MPW shuttle service details>>>

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IP Catalog

Our complete portfolio of customizable semiconductor IP and I/Os is available at ChipEstimate.com.

eSilicon Enterprise Infrastructure

Our eSilicon Enterprise infrastructure integrates your core competencies with our design, productization and manufacturing services and the global semiconductor value chain. You employ only what you need, when you need it, and that represents a significant savings. Whatever your value chain configuration, you seamlessly achieve silicon your way. Our comprehensive infrastructure incorporates:
  • eSilicon Access® production management system with automated schedule impact analysis
  • Deep domain expertise across chip design, IP integration, package design, quality, reliability, yield, procurement and logistics
  • Global design system encompassing distributed tools & flows, worldwide coordination, best-in-class methods and accurate timing closure
  • eSilicon TransferZone™ repository for checklists and validation procedures for netlist, GDSII and production handoffs
  • Yield management featuring trend analysis for ongoing yield improvement
  • eSilicon IPZone™ data repository for third-party IP, specifications and application data
  • Data management including data acquisition, aggregation and report generation
  • eSilicon ProjectZone™ dashboard for global project development, coordination and tracking
  • Enterprise-wide resource planning for logistics and procurement based on proven Oracle products

Data Integration System With eSilicon Access
Production Management System