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TCAM Application Note: Streamline Multi-Byte Searches With TCAM Arrays

Embedded content addressable memories (CAMs) allow system designers to define various configurations to match architectural requirements to achieve the optimal performance, power and cost of the system.

This application note describes a simple way to customize eSilicon’s eFlexCAM™ memories into a register-array CAM that supports parallel compare and write operations and multiple byte-match lines, typically used in network security applications.

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eSilicon Customers

eSilicon serves the $10B+ ASIC and custom IC design and manufacturing markets for fabless semiconductor companies and system OEMs across a broad range of end markets. Applications include media processors; TCP/IP offload engines and security co-processors; digital audio/MP3 players; high-definition TV, digital cameras and printers; home gateways and routers; miniaturized medical devices and next-generation cloud computing and storage solutions.


Driven by the explosion of broadband and wireless networks, the communications market demands ultra-high-performance and power-efficient processing. The ability to integrate robust and reliable high-speed transceivers that match critical timing requirements is essential. Support for the latest transmission protocols with proven IP is also critical to the success of fast-moving product development.

eSilicon applies strong ASIC design skills in high-speed communications, with significant experience in advanced I/O and SerDes technologies. Our experience delivering customized embedded TCAMs will help you meet your power, performance or area goals. Our special expertise in custom package design complements all these skills, enabling co-design of the die, package and PCB to optimize system performance.


The dramatic growth of the cloud computing market has created substantial demand for high-performance, low-cost and low-power server architectures. The ability to assemble standards-based IP quickly and efficiently is critical to success. Ultra-high-speed networking also demands standards-based IP and rapid assembly. Networked storage and high-speed serial interfaces present many challenges.

eSilicon provides strong custom IC design and IP integration capabilities to deliver complex chips that support multiple processor architectures, data rates and communication standards. eSilicon's in-house expertise in networking, SerDes, high-speed communications and Fibre Channel technologies helps to address the significant challenges of this market. Our experience delivering customized embedded TCAMs will help you meet your power, performance or area goals as well. eSilicon integrates all this knowledge with a proven methodology for massive hierarchical designs to deliver highly complex chips that work the first time.


The consumer market is not only one of the fastest growing segments in the semiconductor industry; it's also one of the fastest moving. To meet tight market windows, companies require access to proven application-specific IP, a fast ramp to production and low costs to drive volume.

eSilicon's rich portfolio of IP, strong expertise in IP integration and first-time silicon success provide customers with a rapid path to market. Our experience delivering customized embedded TCAMs will help you meet your power, performance and area goals. And our strong supply chain relationships, concentrated purchasing power, and aggressive yield optimization programs deliver cost-effective manufacturing solutions for high-volume products. We can also help you develop multi-chip module packaging for your design. Whether it's a hand-held low-power application or a high-performance media processor, eSilicon can access the right IP, design skills and manufacturing technology.


Trends driving the medical electronics market include aging populations, rising healthcare costs and the need for access to medical diagnosis and treatment in remote and emerging regions and in our own homes. Consequently, some of the key concerns medical electronics manufacturers face today are portability and miniaturization, connectivity, safety, data security, quality and reliability.

eSilicon's unique package design strengths have been instrumental in the development of advanced miniaturized electronics in application such as hearing aids. eSilicon can deliver cost-effective, low-power, high-reliability ASIC designs in volume and support advanced packaging requirements as well.

Internet of Things

The IoT market comprises billions of connected devices as well as the networks that requires a new generation of processors to keep track of all of those connected devices, communicate with them and translate their data into useful information. eSilicon has a number of differentiating IP solutions to address the specialized requirements of IoT.

IoT medical devices are mostly “on,” listening for incoming data and operate significantly below 100MHz. Both active power and static power are critical for maintaining long battery life, requiring optimization for very low voltage and very low leakage. Most available memory IP is not optimized for these criteria. Circuit techniques such as NMOS and PMOS biasing, periphery shutdown, and use of high transistor threshold implants can manage and reduce the static power component of embedded SRAM. eSilicon uses these and other techniques along with new bitcell topologies to offer a highly differentiated SRAM solution for embedded medical devices.

For the networks that manage IoT data, many table lookup tasks are now using hardware solutions to meet performance requirements. One efficient hardware solution — content addressable memories (CAMs) — can be used as a co-processor to offload table lookup tasks. eSilicon’s 14/16nm ternary CAM (TCAM) compiler offers 1 gigasearch per second under worst-case conditions with low-power search features. The TCAM is available in multi-port and variable-byte search configurations. The multi-port architecture is 1 gigasearch per second per port.


Industrial electronics spans a variety of application fields, including process automation, test and measurement, building and home control, energy generation and distribution and military and civil aerospace.

eSilicon provides a complete and low-risk solution, at a total cost of ownership enabling customers to meet their ROI goals, by combining three essential components: low-power IP that is silicon-proven; cost-effective access to DSP and micro-controller cores along with a broad range of interface IP; and special expertise in complex IP integration and mixed-signal design for first-time silicon success.


Whether it's in the cabin or under the hood, eSilicon can help with your ASIC design to meet the most stringent automotive standards. As the semiconductor content in automobiles continues to grow at a rapid pace, standards-based IP, robust operation, integrated power management and advanced package design are all becoming more important.

eSilicon can deliver high-reliability SRAMs and ROMs for Level 0 automotive applications, including support for extended temperature range, enhanced SRAM bit cells and SER/SEL for memory arrays with dynamic soft-error detection for the periphery. eSilicon's broad engineering expertise can help you bring your new product vision to market. We can also select and manage the supply chain to continuously improve quality during the entire ASIC lifecycle.

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