What is IC Design Virtualization?

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  • Design Virtualization Technology for Low-Power ASICs


TCAM Application Note: Streamline Multi-Byte Searches With TCAM Arrays

Embedded content addressable memories (CAMs) allow system designers to define various configurations to match architectural requirements to achieve the optimal performance, power and cost of the system.

This application note describes a simple way to customize eSilicon’s eFlexCAM™ memories into a register-array CAM that supports parallel compare and write operations and multiple byte-match lines, typically used in network security applications.

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eSilicon's Approach to ASIC Design and Production

Design Virtualization

The eSilicon® STAR design virtualization platform is a self-service, transparent, accurate, real-time ASIC design and delivery environment using eSilicon smart tools and big data on a secure cloud platform. The STAR online design virtualization platform helps you manage complexity and make the right decisions on your ASIC journey from concept to volume production.


Our integrated power, performance, and area (PPA)-optimal design methodology is unique in the industry.


Our processes are fine tuned to deliver first-time-right package performance, timely bring-up of test programs, product yield to meet expectations, and then build product at tier-one supply chain partners.


Packaging expertise at eSilicon covers many disciplines. We take a holistic approach to package selection, identifying the solutions best suited for a given application.

Track Record

We are proud of our results, including first-time-right silicon across over 200 tapeouts.


eSilicon delivers custom ICs and custom IP to OEMs, independent device manufacturers (IDMs), fabless semiconductor companies (FSCs) and wafer foundries across a broad range of markets.

Advanced Integrated Methodology for ASIC Design and Production Management

A company looking for a custom logic supplier today has a range of different options. Why choose to work with eSilicon? The answer comes down to our our advanced integrated methodology. This methodology allows us to master both the design aspects of a project and then also the operational and production aspects of the chips. What differentiates eSilicon from its competition is the way that we understand each aspect of the process.

Mastering design means not just getting a design to work correctly the first time, but doing it on time and getting the desired result. The engineering costs to build a modern system on chip (SoC) are very high and there’s no point in spending the money and ending up with a result that is merely acceptable. Your design should be best in class in performance, power consumption and area, and therefore in production cost terms. eSilicon has completed more than 200 designs across a broad range of application areas from high-performance computing to low-cost consumer and ultra-low-power hearing aids. This range means our design team has a tremendous breadth of experience, and the number of designs completed each year means that skills are kept current.

However, the best design in the world won’t help your business if it cannot be manufactured, and this is where our operations and production capabilities are so important. eSilicon is involved in all aspects of manufacturing and works with tier-one suppliers in wafer foundry, test, assembly and package design. Our independence means we are not tied to any given supplier and can pick the best suppliers to work with, choosing them solely in the best interests of the customer. We care about the yield and the quality metrics of your design: our product engineering team will work to get the desired results not just for the engineering prototypes, but for all the production units — no matter how large the volume is.

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