What is IC Design Virtualization?

Find out more with our IC design virtualization white paper series:

  • Design Virtualization and Its Impact on SoC Design

  • Design Virtualization Technology for Low-Power ASICs


TCAM Application Note: Streamline Multi-Byte Searches With TCAM Arrays

Embedded content addressable memories (CAMs) allow system designers to define various configurations to match architectural requirements to achieve the optimal performance, power and cost of the system.

This application note describes a simple way to customize eSilicon’s eFlexCAM™ memories into a register-array CAM that supports parallel compare and write operations and multiple byte-match lines, typically used in network security applications.

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Productization: the eSilicon® Difference

eSilicon’s in-house engineers use their broad range of expertise to take your product from design through production. Unlike a point service, our goal is to get you into volume production.

We have in-house expertise in:

  • Package development
  • Test hardware development
  • Test development for digital and mixed-signal devices
  • Broad range of tester platform expertise
  • Process and  foundry engineering
  • Product engineering, including yield management
  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Quality, reliability and failure analysis engineers

We have completed development for hundreds of devices in many different package types and many different test platforms such as Teradyne J750, Catalyst, Flex and Ultraflex, Verigy C400, P600, PinScale with AV8 and Portscale.

Our processes are fine-tuned to deliver first-time-right package performance, timely bring-up of test programs, product yield to meet expectations, and production at tier-one supply chain partners.