John Lennon: Power to the People

Power to the People (right on…)

By Mike Gianfagna on June 30, 2016 from

If you’re the right age (or older), you will immediately think of John Lennon when you read the title of this piece.  The song was released in 1971, so I will cut many of you some slack on that. The title was inspired by several pieces of research that I was fortunate enough to be exposed to ... continue reading

Free memory IP and I/Os for university research

Research Reimagined – Introducing eMUSe

By Mike Gianfagna on June 14, 2016 from

Who is eSilicon? Multi-project wafer (MPW) use for semiconductor research has been steadily rising over the past decade. With that, there have been some growing pains. Predictable technology access, cost, cycle time, decoding process options and access to IP are just a few of the challenges faced ... continue reading

Process technology chart: power vs. temperature

Picking a Process Technology

By Bill Isaacson on June 10, 2016 from

There is a wide array of process technologies and process options to choose from when developing a new circuit. Which one is best for your project? A good way to begin this analysis is to focus on what’s most important for your particular design. Questions to ask include: Does my ... continue reading