Big Data, Big Opportunities

By Jens Andersen on June 25, 2015 from

For the last two decades I have spent a lot of my time managing operations and sales for several EDA startups, most of which were acquired. The focus of many of these companies was to provide solutions to optimize complex designs. We worked to enhance many of the top 25 semiconductor companies’ ... continue reading


What a Large ASIC Should Look Like in a Couple of Years

By eSilicon on October 30, 2012 from

... and it looks nothing like today's large ASICs The current state of the art For years, large ASICs like the ones used in network processing, supercomputing and high-end personal computing have had very interesting similarities. The figure below is a fairly typical floorplan of such an ... continue reading


The Future of ASICs in 3D

By eSilicon on May 12, 2011 from

3D technology is generating a lot of interest as a way to reduce NRE costs and speed time to market. It is in its nascency so people are looking for a single standard in through-silicon vias (TSVs). This is mainly for reducing infrastructure costs. Unfortunately, I do not think this will be the ... continue reading