ASIC ecosystem analogy

Advanced ASICs – It Takes an Ecosystem

By Mike Gianfagna on November 26, 2017 from

I remember the days of the IDM (integrated device manufacturer). For me, it was RCA, where I worked for 15 years as the company changed from RCA to GE and then ultimately to Harris Semiconductor. It’s a bit of a cliché, but life was simpler then, from a customer point of view at least. RCA did ... continue reading

collaborative ASIC design image

Advanced ASICs are a Team Sport

By Mike Gianfagna on February 23, 2017 from

The recent Super Bowl proved that a team with conviction and focus can do anything. This notion comes in handy when you think about the nearly impossible job of designing and manufacturing an advanced ASIC – in FinFET technologies, with an interposer, and multiple die, and never-before-proven ... continue reading

Silicon Valley Repackaged

By Jack Harding on November 08, 2012 from

No technology remains forever. The venerable buggy whip gave way to other forms of vehicular acceleration. Similarly, the very fabric and namesake of Silicon Valley may be under assault. One of the few technical tenets of the semiconductor industry that has crossed over into mainstream ... continue reading

What a Large ASIC Should Look Like in a Couple of Years

By Sally Slemons on October 30, 2012 from

... and it looks nothing like today's large ASICs The current state of the art For years, large ASICs like the ones used in network processing, supercomputing and high-end personal computing have had very interesting similarities. The figure below is a fairly typical floorplan of such an ... continue reading