Life Across the Chasm – the Evolving Role of the VCP

By Jack Harding on January 19, 2016 from

The rumors and results of consolidation are everywhere. Ever since Avago acquired Broadcom the semiconductor world realized that anything can happen. And it will. One of the results is the change in the definition of the “little guy.” It wasn’t that long ago that a company with revenue of ... continue reading

GSA board election 2016 VCP microphone

The Independent Voice of the Ecosystem

By Jack Harding on January 11, 2016 from

It has been four years since my last election to the GSA Board as the Value Chain Producer (VCP) representative. A lot has happened during that time. The VCP model has grown and prospered. Today, it presents a 1 billion dollar market segment and many companies, both large and small, have adopted ... continue reading

Election USA and Election GSA

By Jack Harding on January 25, 2012 from

It’s the election season. The race for President of the United States is on. Pick up any newspaper and one is already overdosed with the Republican candidate shucking and jiving to become the presidential nominee, and the early Democratic responses are planting media-fed land mines designed to ... continue reading