Should You Be Leadfree? Maybe Not!

By Sally Slemons on August 14, 2010 from

The European Union (EU) has certainly led the charge in the elimination of many hazardous chemical for semiconductor devices with the RoHS legislation (Reduction of Hazardous Substances.)  Most of these were not present in the first place or were more easily eliminated or substituted with ... continue reading

Misuse of Thermal Numbers

By Sally Slemons on June 21, 2010 from

So many of us in the semiconductors realm are guilty of using JEDEC thermal data incorrectly.  I often get questions such as"how much power can this package handle" or "what's the thermal efficiency of this package."  Unfortunately, in almost all situations these questions cannot be generally ... continue reading

Going MCM? Do it Backwards!

By Sally Slemons on April 01, 2010 from

As packages evolve into the 3D space or other formats of SiP (System-in-Package) integration, one thing is clear.  The integration has to be planned first.  This integration has to be considered from the system-level and die floorplan concurrently.  I often see prospective clients with SiP ... continue reading