A New Look. A Proven Culture

By Jack Harding on 09/10/2015

The eSilicon logo, along with our entire website, has been upgraded. Fifteen years ago we crafted a logo ideal for a paper economy and many printed elements. We should have seen it coming, but the essentially paperless, digitized world we navigate today is not particularly friendly towards our wispy three S’s.  I’m told the electronic version of the logo became “pixelated” (is this word in Webster’s dictionary?) and we were forced to use too large a version of the logo to avoid the effect. Anyway, goodbye analog, hello digital.


But that’s not the point.

Going through the process of altering, even in a modest way, an institution’s logo causes one to consider the very roots of the ideas, goals and expectations that led to the icon in the first place. It was a short deliberation.

The eSilicon three S’s have their roots in a General Electric lobby around 1986. Yours truly was a sales manager hoping to pick up a New Year’s Eve purchase order and awaiting the return of the local controller for a signature. Having occupied the GE lobby for several hours, I was down to reading GE HR publications. It was here that I came across Jack Welch’s corporate theme for all of GE: the three S’s. He outlined how GE would operate around the triad of Speed, Simplicity and Self-confidence.

Why? Welch argued a team won in the market by being Speedy (flexible, responsive). And that team was Speedy by being Simple (defeating bureaucracy, non-territorial).  And that worked if each employee was Self-confident (felt safe, supported and respected).  Well, this resonated with me and I pitched it to my sales team and eventually, my Company. And three companies later I’m still evangelizing the same philosophy. It works because it’s true.

So the three S’s are not just part of a logo. They are the graphical representation of 30 years of management ethos pitched now to thousands of people around the world; most recently last week to a European Union working group planning a conference on entrepreneurship.

At that event, I explained how the three S’s are the DNA of eSilicon. They’re the embodiment of a belief system based on communication, respect and integrity. And they are valuable because they are, in and of themselves, Simple. Equally, they are durable, predictable and consistent across cultures. I went on to say if the three S’s are our DNA, or genotype, the local culture represented the phenotype. Deploying the genotype, or natural element of the company, must be considered in the context of the phenotype, or nurtured elements of the company. In other words, the three S’s survive any geography, political system, language or history. That’s powerful.

One can imagine, with the history and success of this belief system shared across multiple companies, it was a daunting task to alter our three S’s logo in in favor of a digitized economy. But we did it and, you know what? We like it.

The power of the three S’s is not in their appearance. It’s in their deployment and commitment to the belief system. So, please browse our new website and enjoy our new look. Share our commitment. And draw your own Self-confidence from the knowledge that some values transcend look, feel, shape and color. They are powerful because they are Simply true.