The Independent Voice of the Ecosystem

By Jack Harding on 01/11/2016

It has been four years since my last election to the GSA Board as the Value Chain Producer (VCP) representative. A lot has happened during that time. The VCP model has grown and prospered. Today, it presents a 1 billion dollar market segment and many companies, both large and small, have adopted this model. The past four years has seen a lot of progress. Let me get right to the point – I am seeking your support for re-election to the GSA Board so I can continue to foster the visibility, growth and success of the VCP model alongside the GSA.

Let me pause for a moment to explain the VCP model for those who may not be aware of it. Simply put, value chain producers act as the “general contractor” for chip design and manufacturing. They bring together the disaggregated, worldwide fabless semiconductor supply chain to address the needs of their customers. Best-in-class suppliers are identified, technology and IP choices are facilitated and the daunting process of coordinating a collection of worldwide semiconductor suppliers is addressed by one corporate entity. Without VCPs, accessing the fabless semiconductor supply chain becomes too complex, risky and unpredictable for many companies.

While great progress has been achieved, there is still much work to be done. The fabless semiconductor world has become more complex. Consolidation promises economy of scale, but threatens to reduce flexibility and innovation. Technology choices are also becoming more complex, and getting these choices right is a clear requirement for winning in the marketplace. The Internet of Everything promises dramatic growth for all, but the technology, players and applications are still elusive.

GSA board election 2016 VCP microphone

Now, more than ever there is a need for a strong voice at the GSA for the semiconductor ecosystem. Someone who has a deep understanding of the VCP model and how it relates to the GSA membership. Someone who can represent the needs of both small and large companies with an independent, non-biased point of view. With all due humility, we invented the VCP model at eSilicon many years ago, and I believe I am best qualified to continue to lead the development and proliferation of this model with the help of the GSA.