Uber for MPW – Project Management Comes to MPW Explorer

By Geoff Porter on 06/10/2016

Over the last several months I have visited over 20 University campuses spreading the word about eSilicon’s online MPW services. In addition to experiencing the unique architecture and culture of each college campus, and meeting lots of terrific professors (many of whom are now customers), I’ve also had the chance to take a lot of Uber rides. Over 40 according to my expense reports. Uber is more convenient than renting a car or calling for a Taxi by a long shot, for both short and long trips. My cheapest Uber ride was only $5.26 for just 2 miles. The most expensive was $99 for 24 miles. The last one was an Uber Black. I use UberX whenever available. But I digress. The point is that Uber is easy to use and that is very valuable.

We are now making eSilicon’s MPW service for our university customers just as easy to use as Uber.

To that end, we are extending our online STAR MPW Explorer capability beyond the creation of custom quotes. The new technology that is in development will enable our university customers to execute their complete MPW project online, not just the quoting process. Here’s a quick peek into how this capability will make completing an MPW project as easy as being an Uber rider.