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Linley Spring Processor Conference 2019

April 10-11 | Santa Clara, California

The Linley Spring Processor Conference 2019 is the only one of its kind focused on the processors and IP cores used in deep learning, embedded, communications, IoT, and server designs. The Linley Group will open the conference with an overview of the market, technologies, equipment-design, and silicon trends. The second day will start with a keynote from an industry leader to be announced. The remainder of the program will include talks and panel discussions covering a broad range of topics.

eSilicon at the Linley Spring Processor Conference 2019

Carlos Macian, senior director AI strategy and products will present:
Opposites Attract: Customizing and Standardizing IP Platforms for ASIC Differentiation
IP are fundamental building blocks of modern ASICs, often providing a competitive edge in spite of their standard nature. And yet, true differentiation and optimization mandates IP customization for the specific product needs. The challenge is how to combine standardization and ease of integration for an accelerated and predictable schedule with the need to optimize the IP. We will explore an approach to this problem using best-in-class, silicon-proven IP that is also designed for ease of integration and application-specific customization.

eSilicon will also exhibit at the Linley conference. Stop by to learn more about our 7nm advanced IP.