SemIsrael Tech Week 2018

SemIsrael Technology Week

March 19-22, 2018 | Tel Aviv

SemIsrael Technology Week 2018 includes:
Three semiconductor topics:

  • IP & Cores, March 19
  • Test & Package, March 20
  • Front-end Design & Verification, March 21

One medical device topic:

  • Technology & Regulation, March 22

SemIsrael offers free registration for semiconductor professionals who are working for local semiconductor companies.

On March 19, IP & Cores Day, eSilicon will present its latest work in HBM2/2.5D as well as provide an update on its 7nm IP platform, which includes 56G long-reach SerDes, TCAM, HBM2 PHY, high-speed fast cache, single-port and dual-port SRAMs and many high-speed, high-density multi-port memory architectures.

This complete IP platform on TSMC 7nm process technology was designed for high-bandwidth networking, high-performance computing and AI applications. As compared to TSMC’s 16FF+ technology, 7nm provides a 35% speed gain at the same power or 60% power reduction at the same speed. These factors helped to address the demanding requirements of, for example, advanced data center chips.