State of AI and ML-Spring 2019

State of AI and ML-Spring 2019

April 4, 2019 | Santa Clara, California

In State of AI and ML-Spring 2019, as part of series of regularly planned events organized by, we plan to cover the state-of-the art advances in AI technology. We focus on AI Accelerators, Self-Driving and Face Processing. We feature five thought leaders from Computing, Autonomous systems and Computer Vision.

eSilicon at State of AI and ML-Spring 2019

Dr. Carlos Macian, Sr. Director AI Strategy and Products at eSilicon

An ASIC Approach to Unlock Deep Learning Innovation
Thursday, April 4

3:30 PM Talk 3
AI/deep learning algorithms demand superior performance. While FPGAs, GPUs and other forms of dedicated processor help, a custom chip always provides the ultimate in performance with the lowest power and area. The challenge is mapping advanced and rapidly evolving algorithms to an ASIC in a predictable and cost-effective manner. eSilicon will present a unique approach to address this challenge.

neuASIC 7nm Platform for Machine Learning ASIC Design