eSilicon HBM2/2.5D ASIC

Webinar: ASICs Unlock Deep Learning Innovation

May 2, 2018 | 8-9 AM | 6-7 PM

HBM2/2.5D Ecosystem for AI Applications

Deep learning algorithms, powered by neural nets, hold promise to automate our world in ways previously reserved for science fiction. Computers and cell phones that recognize us and talk to us, along with cars that drive us are just a few of the revolutionary products on the near horizon.

Practical implementation of this technology demands extreme performance, low power and efficient access to massive amounts of data. Advanced ASICs play a critical role in the path to production for these innovations. In fact, many applications cannot be realized without the performance and security that a custom chip provides.

What is needed is an implementation platform supporting 14nm and 7nm FinFET process nodes to address the challenges of deep learning.

Please join Samsung Electronics, Amkor, eSilicon and Northwest Logic as we explore a complete implementation platform for deep learning ASICs. The webinar will be moderated by Dan Nenni, CEO and founder of SemiWiki.

May 2, 2018
8:00-9:00AM or 6:00-7:00PM
8AM Registration
6PM Registration


  • Dan Nenni, SemiWiki: Market overview
  • Samsung Electronics: HBM2 memory solutions
  • Amkor: Advanced packaging solutions
  • eSilicon: ASIC/2.5D design and enabling 7/14nm IP platforms (HBM2 PHY, SerDes, TCAM, custom memories)
  • Northwest Logic: HBM controller