eSilicon HBM2/2.5D ASIC

Webinar: FinFET ASICs for Networking, Data Center, AI & 5G Using 14nm 2.5D/HBM2 & SerDes

January 17, 2018 | Online 8AM & 6PM PST

The huge amount of data generated, moved, stored and analyzed around the world today has changed custom IC development forever. The massive, FinFET-class ASICs used in today’s networking, data center, artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G infrastructure applications require doing things in silicon that have never been done before.

High-bandwidth memory (HBM2) addresses performance, power and size issues, but requires a 2.5D implementation. How do you find an ASIC ecosystem you can trust to build a 2.5D chip?

We will present real case studies and roadmaps for high-performance FinFET ASICs. We will introduce a complete ecosystem with proven delivery of high-performance ASICs and 2.5D/HBM2 systems.

We will explore the proven capabilities of our fully integrated supply chain to help you build complex ICs to differentiate your products. We’ll discuss HBM2 technology plus the PHY, high-speed SerDes, 2.5D integration, high-performance ASIC design, interposer/package design and the manufacturing and packaging technologies available to address complex FinFET designs.

Attendees will receive a new 2.5D/HBM2 white paper written by the HBM2 ecosystem, including presenting companies.

Register for the 8:00-9:00 AM or 6:00-7:00 PM Pacific Time webinar.


  • Samsung, HBM2 memory solutions
  • Samsung, foundry solutions including 14nm FinFET
  • ASE Group, advanced 2.5D packaging
  • eSilicon, ASIC & 2.5D design & implementation, HBM2 PHY, high-speed memories
  • Rambus, high-performance SerDes
  • Northwest Logic, HBM2 controller

Register for the 8:00 AM 14nm 2.5D/HBM2/SerDes webinar

Register for the 6:00 PM 14nm 2.5D/HBM2/SerDes webinar