ECOC 2018, eSilicon 56G SerDes demo, eye diagram, in Anritsu's booth

56G 7nm SerDes: Eye-Witness Account

By Mike Gianfagna on September 27, 2018 from

High-performance SerDes represents critical enabling technology for advanced ASICs. This star IP block finds application in many networking and switching designs as well as other high-performance applications. So, when a new high-performance SerDes block hits the streets, it’s real news. eSilicon ... continue reading

Balance power, performance and density with market-specific IP platform

FinFET ASICs – It Takes a Platform

By Mike Gianfagna on June 28, 2018 from

Sophisticated, specialized ASIC technology is making an impact on the everyday world around us. Whether it’s a gadget you can have a conversation with, a car that will take over driving from time to time, or internet speeds that seem impossibly fast, there is likely sophisticated custom silicon ... continue reading