Balance power, performance and density with market-specific IP platform

FinFET ASICs – It Takes a Platform

By Mike Gianfagna on June 28, 2018 from

Sophisticated, specialized ASIC technology is making an impact on the everyday world around us. Whether it’s a gadget you can have a conversation with, a car that will take over driving from time to time, or internet speeds that seem impossibly fast, there is likely sophisticated custom silicon ... continue reading

Deep learning speeds

Deep Learning – The Future

By Mike Gianfagna on April 26, 2018 from

Following up from my last post on our deep learning event at the Computer History Museum – “ASICs Unlock Deep Learning Innovation,” I’d like to take a glimpse into the future. Like many such discussions, it’s often useful to take a look back first to try and make sense out of what is to ... continue reading