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eSilicon’s Networking-Centric 14LPP IP Platform

eSilicon has complete physical IP and 2.5D high-bandwidth memory (HBM2) solutions on Samsung 14LPP technology, including high-performance, high-bandwidth networking-centric memory compilers, TCAM, HBM2 PHY and extended-voltage GPIO (EVGPIO). For complete data sheets and silicon results, contact or log on to

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eSilicon HBM Gen2 Hardened PHY Solutions on Samsung 14LPP, TSMC 16FF+ and TSMC 28HPC

eSilicon has a complete 2.5D/HBM (high-bandwidth memory) solution: 2.5D ecosystem management, HBM Gen2 PHY, ASIC, interposer and package design through manufacturing. This brochure gives an overview of our HBM Gen2 hardened PHY solutions on Samsung 14LPP, TSMC 16FF+ and TSMC 28HPC. Contact for our full HBM Gen2 PHY data sheet.

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eFlexCAM Custom Embedded CAM Compilers

Silicon-proven 14/16nm-180nm custom ternary and binary content-addressable memory (TCAM and BCAM) compilers let you choose and compile features to optimize ASIC power, performance or area.

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eFlex Custom Embedded Memory IP

eSilicon custom memory IP can optimize an ASIC design for power, performance, or area (PPA) to deliver the right chip at the right price for your market.

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eSilicon Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing Services

eSilicon, a leading independent semiconductor design and manufacturing solutions provider, guides customers through a fast, accurate, transparent, low-risk ASIC journey, from concept to volume production.

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Semiconductor Design, Prototyping & Production Go Online with eSilicon STAR

eSilicon’s STAR platform includes multiple online tools to simplify design, prototyping and volume IC production. The tool suite includes Navigator: quickly search, compare, evaluate and buy IP and I/Os online to find the eSilicon memories and I/Os that best meet your chip’s power, performance or area targets.

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CAST Automated Test Chip Tool and Services

eSilicon’s CAST™ tool and services help you quickly design a wide range of test chips for faster process introductions, faster migrations to derivatives and first-time-right silicon.

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