Security Policy

eSilicon Security Policy

During the course of normal activities, eSilicon will have access to information about our customers and their business. We understand that this information is very sensitive, and a compromise in its security can cause serious harm. Because of this, we take information security very seriously, especially when it pertains to customer information.

eSilicon has developed, in conjunction with an industry-leading security consulting firm, comprehensive security policies designed to protect the security of customer information. Every eSilicon employee is required to comply with our comprehensive Information Security Policy.

The eSilicon Information Security Policy covers the following items in detail:

  • General Data Handling
  • Physical Security
  • Human Resources
  • Information Systems

The policy supports several classifications of data, including the classification Client Confidential. Information that receives this classification is tightly controlled and made available only on a need-to-know basis.

Information management and control is accomplished by a combination of employee policies and extensive physical security measures, which include card-activated access of all eSilicon facilities and multiple level restricted access to all eSilicon computer facilities.