TCAM and BCAM Compilers

TCAMs and BCAMs: Ternary and Binary Content-Addressable Memory Compilers

eSilicon embedded binary and ternary content addressable memories (BCAMs and TCAMs) have been provided to networking customers for over 10 years, helping these customers meet the demand for wire-speed packet processing, access control lists and other requirements of high-bandwidth delivery. eSilicon binary and ternary CAMs are available in geometries from 14nm/16nm to 180nm.

Process Status
16nm FF+ Available
28nm HPM In production
40nm LP In production
40nm G In production
55nm LP In production
65nm GP In production
90nm G In production
110nm G In production
130nm G In production
180nm G In production

They are available now through eSilicon. eSilicon is participating in TSMC’s Open Innovation Platform™ IP Alliance Program, which includes quality assessment of this eSilicon IP through the TSMC9000™ Program. All 28nm memory compilers are silicon-proven and available through this program.

Please contact us at for our TCAM white paper, High-Performance Classification Using Embedded Ternary Content Addressable Memory. You can also register on our website then download the TCAM white paper.


  • 14nm/16nm TCAM
  • > 1GHz operation
  • Up to 1.25 BSPS under worst-case operating conditions, 14nm/16nm
  • Up to 2.5 BSPS under typical operating conditions, 14nm/16nm
  • Up to 160Kb compiler, 40Mb cascading table size
  • Up to 160 bits per word
  • Single-cycle compare operation
  • Partial pipelined search and smart power management
  • Hardened priority encoders
  • Column redundancy for higher yield
  • Multi-width search mode to switch dynamically between IPv4 and IPv6 searches
  • Built-in self-test (BIST) and built-in self-repair (BISR) for higher test coverage during wafer sort and production


eSilicon TCAMs are available now. Silicon results and data sheets are available from, or visit the eSilicon® Navigator IP exploration environment.

High-Performance, High-Density Embedded CAM Compilers for Network Applications

eSilicon offers a broad range of feature-rich, high-performance, high-density eFlex™ embedded CAM compilers. Our eFlexCAM™ compilers provide high-efficiency, cost-effective solutions for applications such as network search engines, cache for network processors, QoS services, classifications, Ethernet, ATM switches and other diverse networking applications.

User-Selectable Features

In addition to a full set of standard features, our eFlexCAM compilers provide a comprehensive set of user-selectable features that are chosen at compile time. Customers can choose just the features that they need for a specific application to optimize performance, power or area (PPA).

eSilicon’s philosophy for developing TCAMs is to customize the CAMs to end-customer requirements. This usually involves building custom logic and turning on multiple knobs to fine-tune the performance, power or area to customer application requirements. The chart below shows some of the elements that eSilicon has successfully used in the past to meet customer targets.

16FinFET+ TCAM and BCAM Features


Please contact us at if you would like to learn more about our custom IP offering. You might also be interested in this TCAM white paper: High-Performance Network Data-Packet Classification Using Embedded Content-Addressable Memory (TCAM).

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