ASIC Design Services

Taming the Complexity of ASIC Design

ASIC design involves the complex interaction of foundry process technology, IP design and integration, EDA tools and design methodologies, physical design, design for test, package design and product engineering. We focus on optimizing for the combination of power, performance, and area (PPA) appropriate for your device’s specific targets.

  • We have access to the leading foundry process technologies to 14/16nm through our partnerships with the world’s leading-edge foundries.
  • In addition to our vast third-party IP portfolio, we provide custom logic, memory, analog and I/O solutions to meet your specific needs, be they targeted for high performance or low power.
  • Our unique PPA-optimized design methodology is targeted to provide the best power, performance and area for your ASIC.

Concurrent Design for First-Time-Right ASICs

Close collaboration between our design, test, package, and process engineering teams results in a smooth transition of our designs to manufacture so that your design is testable and manufacturable with high yield. Our extensive experience with this holistic approach to ASIC design has yielded a proven track record of first-time-right designs and provides you with a quality ASIC solution and low total cost of ownership.

eSilicon ASIC Design Ecosystem