Design & Test Services

Value-Added Services

Whatever the engagement level you choose to begin working with eSilicon, we provide all the services you need. For example, a customer engaging with us at the netlist level automatically gets the benefit of all the production services that occur after the handoff, such as product engineering and yield improvement, plus signal integrity, package design and so on.

eSilicon Engagement Levels


There are times when designers are looking for special additional services over and above the norm and eSilicon can offer a range of capabilities here, too.

Custom 2.5D packaging is a revolutionary way to get “More than Moore” out of semiconductors, connecting different silicon die together in the same package without needing to combine everything into one monolithic piece of silicon. eSilicon is a leader in this field and can help with all aspects of your 2.5D IC project.

Please contact us to discuss any of our value-added services.