ARM Solutions

Pre-Hardened ARM Solutions From eSilicon

As product cycles get shorter and shorter, chip companies are being driven to leverage industry-proven IP blocks and subsystems, and to differentiate their products through custom logic and software. This is where ARM solutions from eSilicon come into play.

At eSilicon we offer ASIC design, productization and manufacturing services that enable you to optimize your ARM-core-based chips and get them to market faster, without sacrificing performance, power or cost. These capabilities are enhanced by our unique off-the-shelf solutions that shorten design time and lower risk for your ARM-core-based solutions.

eSilicon offers a broad portfolio of pre-hardened ARM processor cores that complement ARM’s own Foundry Program offering. Understanding that the processor core is only part of your solution, we also offer a flexible ARM-processor-based subsystem architecture, which can be used as is or customized for your specific requirements.

Now you can select the right ARM core for your chip design from our extensive portfolio of pre-hardened cores and drop it into eSilicon’s flexible subsystem, saving you considerable time and effort in your product development as well as reducing your overall risk.

Pre-Hardened ARM IP Cores

ARM introduced its Foundry Program several years ago to provide shorter development cycles and lower risk for chip designs utilizing ARM cores. eSilicon has complemented this program with its own library of pre-hardened ARM cores, extending the range of configurations and process nodes that are available. ARM has since discontinued the Foundry Program but offers a Processor Optimization Package (POP) to enable hardening of their cores.

Access to a broader portfolio of processor implementations gives you the flexibility to pick the core that best fits your chip requirements. Now you never need to compromise in terms of process, performance, power or area. eSilicon pre-hardened IP cores include a broad range of advanced ARM processors, all available as hard macrocells. The following table is a sample of the Cortex family of processors that are available.

Core Technology
Cortex A7 TSMC 28HPC
Cortex R5 TSMC 28HPL
Cortex M3 TSMC 40LP

In addition, eSilicon also provides hardened versions of the ARM7, ARM9 and ARM11 series processors in various technologies.

ARM Core-Based Subsystem

Built around the Cortex A series processor cores, eSilicon has developed dual and quad Cortex processor subsystems with different L1 and L2 cache sizes that include standard functions such as Coresight PTM, GPUs, and a wide variety of interfaces such as USB, DDR3/4 I2C, I2S, PCI Express, SATA, etc. The subsystem use multiple AMBA buses (AXI, AHB, APB) making it easy to accommodate your specific IP and other specialty IP blocks such as Ethernet, 802.11 and Bluetooth. And to further reduce time-to-volume, eSilicon provides an extensive verification environment covering basic boot and CPU tests, as well as integration tests for all standard functions.

Developing ARM-core-based peripheral subsystems is easy thanks to eSilicon — you can simply add or substitute other peripherals as needed. It’s a plug-and-play infrastructure that enables you to customize your design to your specific requirements, realize significant gains in productivity, and reduce the schedule and technical risks of your program.

More IP Solutions

If you’d like more information on these offerings or have questions about other IP, please contact us. eSilicon has an extensive database of semiconductor IP, as well as eSilicon custom memory IP and I/O capabilities, and can help find the right IP for your custom chip.