Why eSilicon

The Right Chip, Right Now

eSilicon guides customers through a fast, flexible, low-risk ASIC journey, from concept to volume production. We provide system-on-chip (SoC) design, custom IP, manufacturing solutions and online decision-making tools.

Our strength is in optimizing our customers’ complex chips for cost, schedule, power, performance and area.

Everyone worries about the cost of developing and manufacturing an SoC — investment, time, unit production price. And everyone worries about meeting power, performance and area (PPA) targets.

Finding the Right Chip Recipe

But as the number of semiconductor process and IP choices explodes, it becomes more and more difficult for designers to make informed, data-driven decisions regarding how to implement their SoCs. There are simply too many combinations to run enough trial implementations to narrow the choices down to the optimal SoC recipe. And making the right technology choices has an enormous impact on cost, schedule and PPA.

Introducing Design Virtualization

eSilicon’s design virtualization technology maps actual physical results from hundreds of SoC tapeouts and thousands of simulations to our customers’ targets to assist in finding the best possible implementation recipe. Through our proprietary STAR platform, the ability to explore — in real time — the implications of various chip implementation recipes is now possible. This is how we help our customers build the right chip, right now.


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eSilicon can guide you on your next ASIC journey.