eSilicon Delivers Complex Custom Chips for a Wide Variety of End Markets

eSilicon serves the $10B+ ASIC design and manufacturing markets for fabless semiconductor companies and system OEMs. Our customers have used our products and services to create semiconductor devices for a wide range of end markets. eSilicon offers design and manufacturing services, along with a rich portfolio of customizable memory IP, that makes us an ideal partner for creating semiconductor-based solutions no matter what the end market, no matter what the process node and no matter how fast the expected volume ramp. You bring the idea, and eSilicon can supply what is needed to complement your own expertise.

Computer and Communications

Driven by the explosion of cloud computing and networking, a huge quantity of silicon is being consumed in datacenters. High bandwidth requires very high-performance I/Os and SerDes, and internet protocol (IP) routing requires high-performance ternary content-addressable memories (TCAMs). These enable designs that simultaneously meet performance and power targets.


The consumer market, driven in large part by smartphones, is the largest and fastest-growing market for semiconductors, especially in leading-edge process nodes. It also has the tightest market windows and the fastest volume ramps. Time to market and long battery life require the right IP, including memory. Quickly ramping consumer products requires deep experience in managing high-volume semiconductor operations.

Foundries and Integrated Device Manufacturers

Fab owners need a robust ecosystem of semiconductor IP to enable their designs and their customers’ designs. Through its custom IP offerings, eSilicon can provide important parts of this enabling IP ecosystem to foundries and integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) that is targeted to the process and optimized for the application.


There is increasing technology content in medical electronics as well as increased silicon density, making miniaturized electronics possible. Ultra-low-power and unique package designs are challenging requirements for complex yet physically small applications such as hearing aids.

Internet of Things

The internet of things (IoT) is an umbrella term to cover connected devices. Many billion such devices are forecast by 2020. Most IoT devices are always on, require extreme low power (since battery life may be the entire life of the device), and communications — usually wireless. To put such devices together quickly requires the lowest-power memories and microprocessors, along with a range of solutions for connectivity.


Automotive comprises both safety-critical ISO 26262-compliant devices and more consumer-like infotainment designs. The semiconductor content of vehicles continues to grow rapidly. Cars last a long time in harsh conditions, so experience with extended temperature ranges and high reliability are essential.


eSilicon supports many other markets as well. An example is the industrial segment, which includes process automation, including computer vision, building control, energy control and more. Through its wide network of IP providers, package vendors and foundries, eSilicon can leverage its automated technology and design skills to address a wide variety of design challenges and end markets.