eSilicon Corporation

Whether you need ASIC design services, custom embedded memory IP to optimize your chip’s performance, or semiconductor manufacturing services to drive your proven chip through volume production, let eSilicon manage your custom IC—design through production—so you can focus on R&D for your next innovation.

eSilicon, a leading independent semiconductor design and manufacturing solutions provider, delivers custom ICs and custom IP to OEMs, integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), fabless semiconductor companies (FSCs) and wafer foundries through a fast, flexible, lower-risk, automated path to volume production. eSilicon serves a wide variety of markets including the communications, computer, consumer, industrial products and medical segments. 
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Optimizing Memory IP
for IoT Applications

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From Medical and Wearables to Big Data:
Optimizing Memory IP for the IoT Spectrum


New! Introducing eSilicon STAR Online Design Virtualization Platform