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Webinar Video:
10-Minute GDSII
Tapeout Quotes

Replay of a live eSilicon webinar moderated by Dan Nenni (SemiWiki founder) where we demonstrate our GDSII quoting portal.  Working with a real customer, we generate a complete, executable quotation for a production GDSII tapeout at TSMC in about 10 minutes.  We also explore "what if" scenarios to optimize unit price for the program. Created: July 31, 2014, 8:00 AM PDT.


Instant MPW Quotes: New Die Packaging Services

Request a free account and explore your multi-project wafer (MPW) production options with no obligation. Our newest MPW quoting tool includes standard IC package options.
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Our complete portfolio of customizable semiconductor IP and I/Os is available at ChipEstimate.com.

eSilicon Access® Production Management System

Our patented eSilicon® Access production management system is one of the most advanced and innovative production management systems in the semiconductor industry. The eSilicon Access production management system links us electronically to our global supply chain, automatically collecting work-in-process (WIP) production data multiple times daily. Customer order information is integrated with this WIP for display on clear, easy-to-use web pages.

Now in Mobile Edition for iPhone and Android™ Phones

eSilicon Access Mobile Edition for iPhone and Android smartphones is now available with most of the features of the original web version. eSilicon customers can now track global supply chain activity from purchase order (PO) through device shipment on their smartphones. Go to the App Store or Google Play™ to download your free mobile app.

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Reliable Global Supply Chain Information at Your Fingertips

New eSilicon Access Production Management System Dashboard


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With the eSilicon Access production management system, it's easy to track your orders and WIP throughout the entire manufacturing process, from PO to packaged, tested parts. The information is accurate, up to date, and available online through a secure connection 24x7x365. So you won't have to wait hours or days for answers, hassling with vendors by email and telephone. Now your answers are just a few clicks away:

  • Supply chain activity from PO through shipment
  • Integrated view of WIP from fab schedule to finished goods
  • Detailed order status and delivery schedule information
  • Shipment details with lot numbers, date code, and airway bill number
  • Lead times by product (not yet available in the mobile edition)
  • Cycle times by product
  • On-time delivery dashboards
  • Customer spending summary by product
  • Shipment and RMA summary
  • Yield summary
  • Daily or weekly email subscription for Excel reports
  • Reports are updated four times per day

Your WIP Report gives you a clear picture of where everything is today, and your Order Status and Delivery Schedule pages tell you when your parts are scheduled for delivery. We've already built in and calculated wafer-to-die conversions and yields for sort, assembly, and test. And our monitoring systems run continuous checks to make sure everything's on track, automatically sending out alerts to our supply chain team when any discrepancies are found. eSilicon has shipped millions of chips with over 98 percent on-time delivery. So with the eSilicon Access production management system, there's little guesswork involved.

To learn more about the eSilicon Access production management system, or to schedule a demo, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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