What is IC Design Virtualization?

Find out more with our IC design virtualization white paper series:

  • Design Virtualization and Its Impact on SoC Design

  • Design Virtualization Technology for Low-Power ASICs


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eSilicon partners with key suppliers in the areas of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) and manufacturing, including foundries, packaging and test houses. These partnerships enable a seamless flow from concept to production.

We evaluate suppliers based on their technology, considering the performance of each element in the supply chain for performance and reliability for each customer's design.

Close, long-term relationships with our suppliers mean we can act quickly and effectively against adverse industry conditions, such as the 2010 materials shortage and the 2011 catastrophe in Japan.

As an independent semiconductor design and manufacturing solutions (SDMS) provider, we are free to work with any foundry or IP supplier. We explore tradeoffs in all dimensions to implement the right solution for each design:

  • Process/foundry
  • Die/package
  • Standard IP/custom IP

Intellectual Property Partners

Learn more about our key third-party IP partners, ARM, Avago Technologies, Imagination Technologies, Northwest Logic, Synopsys and True Circuits, on our IP Integration page.

Foundry Partners

eSilicon has partnered with the world's largest pure-play foundries since we were founded in 2000. These close, long-term relationships give us early access to their broad portfolios — such as CMOS, high voltage, mixed signal, and RF, at multiple nodes — mature to bleeding edge.

Because of early access as well as the high number of new designs we do each year, we are far down the learning curve on our foundry partners' process technologies and our customers can benefit from that learning. This reduces your risk and shrinks your time to market.

We also have in-depth knowledge of the IP ecosystem that our foundry partners rely on, based on our many years of experience in optimizing complex ICs. We have critical expertise when it comes to selecting and integrating best-in-class third-party and custom IP efficiently for a first-time-right ASIC.

In addition to our vast third-party IP portfolio — including IP from ARM, Avago Technologies, Imagination Technologies, Northwest Logic, Synopsys and True Circuits — we can also provide custom logic, memory, analog and I/O solutions to meet your specific design requirements, whether you are targeting high performance, reduced area or low power.

eSilicon has partnered with TSMC for over 13 years and is part of TSMC's global Value Chain Aggregator (VCA) program. VCA members are independent companies who work closely with TSMC to help system OEMs and fabless semiconductor companies (FSCs) bring their innovation to production. As the largest independent value chain producer, we partner widely with TSMC to serve all major regions including China, EMEA, Korea, Israel and North America.

As a GLOBALSOLUTIONS Partner™, eSilicon is a member of GLOBALFOUNDRIES' partner ecosystem program. eSilicon provides a comprehensive suite of design, productization and manufacturing services based on GLOBALFOUNDRIES broad-based foundry process technology offerings.

Assembly and Test Partners