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10-Minute GDSII
Tapeout Quotes

Replay of a live eSilicon webinar moderated by Dan Nenni (SemiWiki founder) where we demonstrate our GDSII quoting portal.  Working with a real customer, we generate a complete, executable quotation for a production GDSII tapeout at TSMC in about 10 minutes.  We also explore "what if" scenarios to optimize unit price for the program. Created: July 31, 2014, 8:00 AM PDT.


TCAM Application Note: Streamline Multi-Byte Searches With TCAM Arrays

Embedded content addressable memories (CAMs) allow system designers to define various configurations to match architectural requirements to achieve the optimal performance, power and cost of the system.

This application note describes a simple way to customize eSilicon’s eFlexCAM™ memories into a register-array CAM that supports parallel compare and write operations and multiple byte-match lines, typically used in network security applications.

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Instant MPW Quotes: New Die Packaging Services

Request a free account and explore your multi-project wafer (MPW) production options with no obligation. Our newest MPW quoting tool includes standard IC package options.
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Our complete portfolio of customizable semiconductor IP and I/Os is available at

Learn More About Our Newest Hard IP Core for Embedded Platforms

A hard macro of our 28nm high-performance, low-power three-way microprocessor cluster is available now. Please contact us for complete information.


Semiconductor IP Integration

With a large semiconductor IP portfolio from leading IP suppliers, we help you select the right IP to meet your design requirements. A typical ASIC produced by eSilicon has between six to 10 different types of IP. With over 200 successful tapeouts, we have significant experience in IP selection and integration. This is especially important when it comes to complex IP such as high-speed SerDes where the integration requirements can be demanding.

Our IP integration approach is holistic, encompassing design for test, physical design, power management, package design and signal integrity. The integration requirements vary depending on the type of IP. We draw on our vast experience in handling successful IP integrations to help meet your design requirements.

Value-Added Third-Party IP and Custom IP

eSilicon partners with top IP suppliers to enable quick, streamlined access to quality IP for customer designs. Our design process includes extensive IP modeling so we can help you choose the best IP to meet your design requirements.

  • In addition to our vast third-party IP portfolio — including IP from ARM, Avago, Imagination and Synopsys — we provide custom logic, memory, analog and I/O solutions to meet your specific design requirements, whether they are targeted for high performance, low power or low cost.
  • Our unique design methodology further optimizes power, performance or area for your ASIC.

eSilicon's key semiconductor IP partners include:


ARM designs the technology that lies at the heart of advanced digital products, from wireless, networking and consumer entertainment solutions to imaging, automotive, security and storage devices. ARM's comprehensive product offering includes 32-bit RISC microprocessors, graphics processors, video engines, enabling software, cell libraries, embedded memories, high-speed connectivity products, peripherals and development tools. Combined with comprehensive design services, training, support and maintenance, and the company's broad partner community, they provide a total system solution that offers a fast, reliable path to market for leading electronics companies.

Avago Technologies SerDes

28nm, 40nm, 65nm, 90nm Avago SerDes Solutions from eSilicon

Now available from eSilicon: Avago Technologies' industry-proven, best-in-class SerDes cores. Avago's SerDes, combined with eSilicon's proven design, manufacturing and productization services, provides a compelling combination for the development and volume production of custom chips for growing markets such as storage, communications, and high-performance computing markets.

Figure 1: Pre-DFE Rx Eye Measurement

Figure 2: Post-DFE Rx Eye Measurement

Images provided by Avago Technologies, 10.3125 Gbps backplane DFE operation. Channel description: 26cm char board, >1 meter over FR4 backplane, two backplane connectors.

Avago SerDes Overview

Avago SerDes cores support a broad range of popular industry standards such as PCI-Express, Fibre Channel, QPI, CEI, Interlaken, 10GBASE-KX/KX4/KR, FCoE, GigE, XAUI, XFI/SFI, and SAS/SATA and are suitable for both chip-to-chip and backplane applications. The cores feature high data rates of up to 28Gbps. The SerDes cores offer extremely low jitter, making it possible to integrate hundreds of SerDes channels on a single chip.

Avago's SerDes cores are based on a modular, multi-rate architecture allowing hundreds of SerDes channels to be easily integrated on a single chip. The SerDes cores include a unique decision feedback equalization (DFE) feature resulting in a number of key performance differentiators such as low overall power, best-in-class data latency, and best-in-class jitter and crosstalk tolerance.

Avago SerDes Protocols



Link Rate (Gbps)





PCI-Express (PCIe) G1, G2 2.5 (G1), 5.0 (G2)
  G3 8.0 (G3) - - -
Fibre Channel 1GFC, 2GFC, 4GFC, 8GFC 1.0625, 2.125, 4.25, 8.5 (>8G)
  16GFC (15GFC-EL Only) 14.025 - - -
  10GFC 10.5188 -
Ethernet Interlaken 6G, 11G   -
  FCoE (10G FC)   -
  GigE, XAUI 1.25G, 3.125 (x4 lanes)
  10G-Base LR, SR   -
  10GBASE-KX/KX4/KR 1.25, 3.125, 10.3125 -
  XFI / SFI 10.3125 -
  802.3ba 40 (4x10G), 100 (10x10G) - - -
  802.3az 1.25, 3.125, 10.3125 - -
Custom 5G, 6.25G, 7.5G 5G, 6.25G, 7.5G (>7G) (>7G) -
  12.5G - 14G Backplane 12.5G, 14G - - (>14G) -
  2 - 25G 2 - 25G - - -
CEI CEI-6G 6.25 (LR & SR; MR)
  CEI-11G 11 (LR & SR) -
  CEI-25G 28 (SR), 25 (LR) - - -
QPI QPI 3.2G to 9.6G - -
SAS/SATA 1, 2 3G, 6G - - -

Product Features

Now available in TSMC 28nm, 40nm, 65nm and 90nm, these SerDes cores represent Avago's ninth generation of production-proven, high-performance, multi-rate transceivers with best-in-class features such as:

  • Rates from 1Gbps up to 28Gbps
  • Robust performance due to noise reduction circuitry, powerful DFE, continuous time linear equalizer (CTLE), and transmit equalization
  • Bit-error rate (BER) of less than 10-17
  • Targeted for operation over tough backplanes (>30 dB of insertion loss at 10.3125 Gbps)
  • Optional proprietary encoding schemes
  • Meets established industry standards such as PCI-Express, Fibre Channel, QPI, CEI, Interlaken, 10GBASE-KX/KX4/KR/CX4, FCoE, GigE, XAUI and XFI/SFI
  • More than 300 SerDes channels per die
  • Advanced on-chip diagnostic intelligence

eSilicon SerDes Integration Experience

eSilicon makes it easy to integrate a wide range of data rates and a variety of protocols in their custom ASIC flow with the use of Avago Technologies' high-performance multi-rate transceivers and an extensive portfolio of specialty third-party semiconductor intellectual property (IP). Avago Technologies' low-power slim design with state-of-the-art jitter performance allows integration of over 300 channels on a single chip for low-cost server or networking system solutions using existing backplanes while maintaining the same power budget

Avago SerDes Availability

eSilicon, through its agreement with Avago Technologies, offers a broad portfolio of SerDes cores for a variety of data rates and protocol standards. Now you can select the right interface standard at the right speed in a given process node in order to build your own custom chip solution.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for more information on Avago SerDes.

Cadence IP

The Cadence IP portfolio includes silicon-proven Tensilica IP cores, analog PHY interfaces, standards-based IP cores, verification IP, and other solutions as well as customization services for current and emerging industry standards. The Cadence IP Factory provides you with an automated approach to the customization, delivery, and verification of SoC IP.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for more information on Cadence IP.

Dolphin Technology IP

Dolphin Technology provides SoC designers with a broad array of silicon-proven IP for memory, I/O, standard cells, DDR PHY, memory controllers, PLL/DLL and memory test and repair (BIST).

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for more information on Dolphin Technology IP.

Imagination Technologies IP

Imagination Technologies creates and licenses market-leading processor solutions for graphics, video, and display, embedded processing, multi-standard communications and connectivity, and cross-platform V.VoIP and VoLTE. Imagination's offering includes the industry's broadest array of low-power, high-performance embedded MIPS-based microprocessor cores.

These silicon and software intellectual property (IP) solutions for systems-on-chip (SoC) are complemented by an extensive portfolio of software drivers, developer tools and extensive market and technology-focused ecosystems.

Target markets include mobile phone and multimedia, connected home consumer, mobile and tablet computing, in-car electronics, telecoms, health, smart energy and connected sensors and controllers. Imagination's licensees include many of the world's leading semiconductor, network operator and electronics OEM/ODM companies.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for more information on Imagination Technologies IP.

Northwest Logic IP

Northwest Logic, founded in 1995 and located in Beaverton, Oregon, provides high-performance, silicon-proven, easy-to-use IP cores including high-performance memory interface solutions (DDR4/3/2/1, LPDDR4/3/2/1, RLDRAM 3/II), Expresso Solutions (PCI Express 3.0/2.1/1.1 cores and drivers including DMA support), and MIPI solutions (CSI-2, DSI). These solutions support a full range of platforms including ASICs, Structured ASICs and FPGAs. For additional information, visit or contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for more information on Northwest Logic IP.

Synopsys IP

Synopsys, Inc. is a world leader in electronic design automation and a leading provider of high-quality, silicon-proven IP solutions for SoC designs. The broad Synopsys DesignWare IP portfolio includes complete interface IP solutions consisting of controllers, PHY and Verification IP for widely used protocols, analog IP, embedded memories, logic libraries, embedded test and repair IP and configurable processor cores. In addition, Synopsys offers SystemC™ transaction-level models to build virtual prototypes for rapid, pre-silicon development of software. With a robust IP development methodology, reuse tools, extensive investment in quality and comprehensive technical support, Synopsys enables designers to accelerate time-to-market and reduce integration risk. For more information on Synopsys DesignWare IP, click here.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for more information on Synopsys IP.

True Circuits IP

True Circuits develops and markets industry-leading PLLs, DLLs and other hard IP for semiconductor and electronic systems customers. TCI's robust state-of-the-art circuits, proven design methodology, and close association with the world's leading fabs, IDMs, and design services companies allow the company to create quickly and reliably new and innovative designs in a variety of advanced process technologies. True Circuits is the volume leader in the timing IP market, and its customers have shipped production volumes now in the billions.  True Circuits can be reached via e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for more information on True Circuits IP.

If you would like more information on these IP offerings, or have questions about other IP not featured here,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  eSilicon has an extensive offering of third-party and custom semiconductor IP and can help find the right IP for your custom chip.