ECOC 2018, eSilicon 56G SerDes demo, eye diagram, in Anritsu's booth

56G 7nm SerDes: Eye-Witness Account

High-performance SerDes represents critical enabling technology for advanced ASICs. This star IP block finds application in many networking and switching designs as well as other high-performance applications. So, when a new high-performance SerDes block hits the streets, it’s real news. eSilicon ... continue reading

Long-reach, rack-to-rack SerDes demo using a one-of-a-kind Samtec seven-meter (23-foot) cable at ECOC 2019

Long and Longer Reach SerDes — On the Road Again

We’ve had the pleasure of participating in two events over the past two weeks. I wouldn’t recommend doing two major shows back-to-back, but it has been exhilarating and quite interesting. Our “road trip” began last week in Mountain View for the second annual AI Hardware Summit. You’ve ... continue reading

Tray of eSilicon 56G SerDes test chips

Our 56Gbps PAM4 SerDes IP Hits the Lab

At eSilicon we’ve been talking about adding a 56G PAM4 SerDes to our N7 ASIC IP platform now for some time. I’m happy to say our 7nm FinFET 30 Gbaud/s PMA test chip silicon is now in the lab and we have lots of good news to share! [caption id="attachment_5607" align="aligncenter" ... continue reading