About eSilicon

What We Do

eSilicon provides products and services to the global semiconductor industry. Our services include ASIC design services and the coordination of the global, outsourced manufacturing supply chain that implements those custom integrated circuits. We call this model semiconductor manufacturing services. We deliver the manufactured custom ICs in volume to our customers at a pre-negotiated price.

We also develop memory IP and I/O products, both off the shelf and custom. Our memories are optimized across the spectrum of performance, power, area, and yield to address your specific market requirements.

Our customers are semiconductor companies, integrated device manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers and wafer foundries that sell their products into a variety of end markets, including communications, computing, consumer, industrial and medical products.

A Brief History

eSilicon’s semiconductor design and manufacturing solutions, called SDMS, cover the complete custom IC design lifecycle, from concept through volume IC production and delivery. We can configure these services in a flexible way, optimizing the products and services delivered for each customer engagement.

The evolution of the semiconductor industry has created the need for this flexible service delivery. In the early days of this industry, there were monolithic, vertically integrated companies that performed all the tasks required to build a custom IC. These companies also owned all the resources necessary to deliver the final chip.

Starting in about 1980, all of the functions contained inside these vertically integrated companies began to be outsourced to achieve superior economies of scale. This created the fabless chip industry. The result was a disaggregated global semiconductor supply chain.

While this new model provided access to a broad range of technologies for more companies, the task of choosing the correct supply chain provider and coordinating the work of the chosen companies became a daunting task for an end customer seeking to design and manufacture a custom IC. What was missing was essentially the “general contractor” to coordinate this new worldwide supply chain.

It is in this environment that eSilicon was launched. We were focused on re-aggregating this supply chain in a flexible way, leveraging a sophisticated automation backbone. The fabless ASIC model was born, and the benefits of utilizing a specialized supply chain could be enjoyed by many companies without the need to configure and manage that supply chain.

What Makes Us Unique

eSilicon possesses several core attributes that make us uniquely qualified to deliver the fabless ASIC model and the associated design and manufacturing products and services:

  • Independent supplier. We can choose from any supply chain partner, based on the customer’s need
  • Substantial knowledge. We are familiar with the capabilities of each supply chain partner and how their products and services interact with each other, allowing us to facilitate the best team for each customer
  • Extensive experience. We’ve successfully executed many advanced custom IC designs. We do more designs per year than most of our customers, allowing for the delivery of expert-level support
  • Unique customer experience. Thanks to our sophisticated automation backbone, we offer a unique, online experience for IP browsing & procurement, design optimization, quote generation and work-in-process tracking. We call this online platform eSilicon STAR, and it’s available to everyone 24/7, free of charge