Students & Graduates

eSilicon has two programs for students and graduates. One in Vietnam and one in Bucharest, Romania.

FAST Academy in Bucharest, Romania
FinFET ASIC Skills Training (FAST) Academy is a six-month intensive introductory semiconductor design training program in the most advanced silicon technologies today, plus there may be an opportunity to start a career at eSilicon upon academy graduation. FAST Academy takes place in Bucharest, Romania.

The program is open to university final-year students and graduates who want to start a career in ASIC design, test and verification or ASIC package design as they complete their university studies.

STEM Scholarships in Vietnam:
Sunflower Mission 2017 Engineering & Technology Scholarship for Excellence
The Sunflower Mission Engineering & Technology Scholarship for Excellence Program, in collaboration with the technology industry, is a program that offers scholarship awards to undergraduate students in circuit design engineering or software development related disciplines. The program aims to recognize students demonstrating excellence in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and to encourage outstanding global citizenship. The program is managed by eSilicon Vietnam.