Fast Academy

Introducing FAST Academy
Paid internships and training in advanced FinFET semiconductor design skills

What is FAST Academy?

An environment to learn FinFET ASIC design, custom layout, test, verification and packaging skills from eSilicon experts while making money. eSilicon works closely with universities in Italy and Romania to help high school graduates, university students and graduate students complete their studies. Paid training is also available for recent graduates.

eSilicon Romania interns and junior engineers helping to grow FAST Academy

What is eSilicon Looking for?

Talented, passionate, self-motivated students and graduates who want to build a career in advanced semiconductors.

FAST Academy programs

eSilicon offers a broad range of short, intense programs at multiple locations. The program was originally chartered as FinFET ASIC Skills Training (FAST) Academy. Since then, the programs offered have expanded well beyond ASIC design, so the program is now simply FAST Academy. Use FAST Academy to get your career started – fast!

Learn more about our paid engineering internship and training programs in Italy and Romania, below. Attending FAST Academy can also lead to a rewarding career at eSilicon.

FAST Academy Bucharest, Romania

FAST Academy Pavia, Italy

* FinFET: State-of-the-art semiconductor 3D transistor technology
** ASICs: Application-specific integrated circuits — custom semiconductor chip for one customer