Paid Semiconductor Engineering Internships in Bucharest, Romania

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Salary and benefits provided while eSilicon trains/mentors students and graduates in FinFET ASIC design, test, verification & packaging

FAST Academy Internship for Romania Students and Graduates

FAST Academy is an introductory semiconductor engineering internship/training program in the most advanced silicon technologies today, plus the opportunity to start a career at eSilicon upon graduation. FAST Academy takes place in Bucharest.

What is eSilicon Looking for?

Talented, passionate, self-motivated university final-year Romania students and graduates who want to start a career in ASIC design, test and verification or package design as they complete their university studies.

eSilicon Expertise

We create products that will shape tomorrow’s cloud, AI & 5G infrastructure markets by designing application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs*) for our customers.

Why FAST Academy?

  • eSilicon is expanding its teams and expertise in FinFET* technologies
  • We want to share the FinFET skills and expertise concentrated in the Bucharest team with young talent and build stronger and more scalable teams

Program Phases
FAST Academy Program — Path to a Career at eSilicon

Program phase Focus
Baseline General overview of FinFET ASIC design – all focus areas will be described:

  • RTL design
  • Physical chip implementation
  • Testability
  • Package design
Focus area Intensive training in assigned focus area:

  • Mentored training
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Self-paced web modules
  • Lab exercises
  • Visiting expert lectures
Hands-on project Hands-on project experience (with mentor assistance)

  • Main goal is to collectively complete an ASIC design
  • Involves teamwork between teams in all focus areas
  • Participants will be evaluated based on the quality of results of individuals and teams during this phase to determine successful program completion

What’s in it for You?

  • Accelerated, intensive ramp-up in leading-edge chip design with both fundamental technical training and practical experience
  • Flexible learn and work program (4h for students / 8h for graduates)
  • Salary and benefits while you complete your university studies and FAST academy training
  • Exposure to and hands-on opportunities with the most complex designs and latest tools in the industry
  • Work with and learn from top engineering and business experts

Job Descriptions

Physical Design Engineer

  • Member of a global team of physical design engineers responsible for implementation of multi-million-gate ASIC designs in cutting-edge process technologies (7nm, 14/16nm, 28nm)
  • Work on all aspects of physical design including synthesis, floor planning, place and route, clock distribution, IP integration, extraction, timing closure, power and voltage drop analysis, design for manufacture (DFM) and tapeout
  • Use state-of-the-art place-and-route and sign-off tools and flows (Synopsys, Avatar, Cadence)

Physical Verification Engineer

  • Member of a global team of physical verification engineers responsible for the physical verification signoff of all chips before sending to fabrication
  • Verification of multi-million-gate ASIC designs in cutting-edge process technologies (7nm, 14/16nm, 28nm)
  • Work on all aspects of physical verification and tapeout
  • Use state-of-the-art verification tools from Mentor and Synopsys

Design for Test Engineer

  • Team player in a worldwide DFT (design for test) team responsible for specification and implementation of the test technologies and methodologies for multi-million-gate ASIC designs
  • Work on all DFT aspects of ASIC design including DFT logic insertion, synthesis, constraints development and simulation
  • Use state-of-the-art DFT tools from Mentor Graphics and Synopsys

Packaging Engineer

  • Member of world-class semiconductor packaging team focused on high-end package design
  • Master many advanced packaging technologies to meet the needs of our emerging markets
  • Work with suppliers and customers from around the world
  • Responsible for technology development, design and initial manufacturing, taking the package from the initial concept, through planning, design, simulations, all the way to prototyping

Test Engineer

  • Collaborate with our design teams and design for test department to define efficient test strategies for our mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs)
  • Develop and design both software and hardware for our state-of-the-art mixed-signal automated test systems
  • Support design verification and silicon characterization in cooperation with design team and product engineering
  • Maintain and improve production test setups during product lifetime

How to Apply

  • This program is open to students and graduates in Romania
  • Step 1. APPLICATION FORM — Complete the online application
  • Step 2. INTERVIEW — Based on application information qualified applicants will be invited to technical and non-technical interviews at the eSilicon office in Bucharest, located in the Sky Tower Building, 22nd floor. The technical interview will be conducted in Romanian
  • Step 3. DECISION — based on overall assessments in the areas of application and interview results you will receive an offer and invitation to participate in eSilicon’s FAST Academy

Further Information and Contacts:

About eSilicon Corporation:

  • Founded in 2000: history of innovation in chip design and advanced automation
  • Headquartered in San Jose, California
  • Over 600 employees and contractors worldwide; over 77% in R&D
  • Over 300 completed ASIC designs, approaching half a billion units shipped
  • Custom IP in specialized, high-performance memory, I/O, SerDes and high-bandwidth memory (HBM), 16/14/7nm

* ASICs: Application-specific integrated circuits — custom semiconductor chip for one customer
**FinFET: State-of-the-art semiconductor 3D transistor technology