Jack Harding

President and CEO

Jack Harding is responsible for eSilicon’s overall leadership, strategy and management.

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Philippe Morali

Chief Financial Officer

Philippe Morali is responsible for the overall management and direction of eSilicon’s worldwide finance and corporate development functions.

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Marc Corbacho

Vice President of Global Sales

Marc Corbacho is responsible for eSilicon’s sales activities worldwide.

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Hugh Durdan

Vice President, Strategy and Products

Hugh Durdan is responsible for defining eSilicon’s market and product strategies with the objective of delivering a best-in-class FinFET ASIC design platform to enable eSilicon to maximize the company’s competitive position and share at our target accounts.

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Colby Gartin

Vice President and General Counsel

Colby Gartin leads eSilicon’s legal department where he is responsible for eSilicon’s commercial agreements, strategic transactions, IP portfolio, litigation and corporate governance matters.

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Mike Gianfagna

Vice President, Marketing

Mike Gianfagna is responsible for eSilicon’s global marketing activities and information technology functions.

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Ajay Lalwani

Vice President, Global Manufacturing Operations

Ajay Lalwani is responsible for eSilicon’s operations and procurement functions.

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Bruce Newton

Vice President of Worldwide Human Resources

Bruce Newton is responsible for eSilicon’s human resources activities worldwide.

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Hao Nham

Senior Vice President, Engineering

Hao Nham is responsible for eSilicon’s engineering and design organizations and initiatives.

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Deepak Sabharwal

Vice President, IP Engineering

Deepak Sabharwal is responsible for leading eSilicon’s memory IP development activities and defining the differentiating IP components of eSilicon’s market-specific platforms.

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Patrick Soheili

Vice President, Business and Corporate Development

Patrick Soheili is responsible for eSilicon’s worldwide business and corporate development activities.

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