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December 5, 2018 | Milpitas, California

MEPTEC continues to cover leading-edge topics in semiconductor packaging with its fall 2018 symposium “Heterogeneous Integration: The Path Forward.” Industry leaders will present the latest updates on technical and business issues related to integration of different types of semiconductor devices.

eSilicon at MEPTEC 2018

SESSION 4: Panel Discussion: Supply Chain Issues for Advanced Packaging

Moderator: Ed Sperling, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Semiconductor Engineering Magazine

The slowdown in Moore’s Law has forced companies to rethink architectures and IP and how to integrate everything together, but realigning the supply chain around a long list of packaging options is a huge undertaking. It requires a secure marketplace, varying levels of characterization, and support from foundries and OSATs. And it requires the industry to commit to standards and processes that so far don’t exist in order to maximize yield and reduce unexpected interactions, potential security issues and improved performance with lower power at a reasonable cost.

Chenglin Liu
Director, Packaging Engineering, Marvell

Juan Rey
Vice president of Engineering, Calibre, Mentor

Rich Rice
Senior Vice President of Sales for ASE (U.S.)

Eric Tosaya
Senior Director Package Manufacturing, eSilicon