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The eSilicon® STAR platform is an automated online secure environment that provides a self-service, transparent, accurate, real-time experience from IC design through volume ASIC production. The STAR online design virtualization platform helps you manage complexity and make the right decisions on your ASIC journey from concept to volume production.



eSilicon STAR Introduction video (2:29)



Analyze project specs, check prototype and production manufacturing info

Get informed before you ask for a quote

STAR Advisor allows you to define a chip project and then explore various aspects of the project before requesting a detailed quotation.

  • Browse foundry and technology options — see multi-project wafer (MPW) schedules immediately

  • Define wafer sort, final test and package requirements

  • Get real-time feedback on gross and net die per wafer as well as wafer sort yield

  • See a complete project plan created in real time

  • Request an MPW or production quote

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Evaluate options and get fast, accurate quotes

STAR Explorer allows you to quickly explore options, generate accurate, executable quotes and submit your design online for multi-project wafer (MPW) shuttle services or GDSII handoffs in a few minutes.

MPW Explorer

  • Reduce prototype cost by up to 90 percent versus a full production mask

  • Complete the online form and receive a quote, all in about two minutes — the old-fashioned way takes about two weeks

  • Choose from multiple foundries

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GDSII Explorer

  • Run unlimited “what if” scenarios to see how design decisions affect volume pricing

  • Complete the online form and receive a quote, all in about five minutes — the old-fashioned way takes about four weeks

  • Receive a complete quotation including NRE and volume production unit pricing

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Real-time design progress and IC delivery tracking, including order history, forecasts and yield data

STAR Tracker links customers electronically to eSilicon’s global supply chain so you can efficiently monitor and manage project details. Tracker integrates customer order information with work-in-process (WIP) production data, refreshed multiple times daily.

  • Supply chain activity from PO through shipment

  • Integrated view of WIP from fab schedule to finished goods

  • Detailed order status and delivery schedule information

  • Mobile version available for iPhone and Android

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