General-Purpose I/O

eSilicon has developed a general-purpose I/O (GPIO) library catering to a wide variety of customers and market segments. Our general-purpose I/O library includes support for multiple voltages and a full set of support cells (supply, corner spacers, diode breakers, terminators) targeted for a wide range of process technologies and applications. eSilicon’s general-purpose I/O solution is carefully crafted to meet critical power, performance, area (PPA) and reliability requirements.

eSilicon’s general-purpose I/O is available from 28nm to 180nm process technology.

General-Purpose I/O Features

  • Supports 1.8V/2.5V/3.3V mixed-voltage-tolerant output buffer
  • Fully programmable output driver strengths, input Schmitt trigger and output slew rate
  • Supports circuit-under-pad (CUP), non-CUP-inline and staggered-bond pad placement
  • Operating speed in excess of 130MHz
  • Robust ESD protection circuitry 2KV/200V/500V HBM/MM/CDM typical

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