Fast Cache

High-Speed Single-Port Cache Memories

eSilicon has designed custom high-speed single-port cache memories that are optimized to meet the high-performance requirements of industry-standard processor cores.

High Performance for the Low-Power Market

The performance of smart phones, handheld devices, digital TVs and other power-sensitive devices is often limited by the performance at which the processor cores can run. At the same time, the performance of processor cores is often limited by the performance of memory instances used in the L1 cache of the processor core. eSilicon has delivered fast-cache memories to customers in the low-power process segment at advanced nodes down to 28nm. These cache memories deliver one of the highest levels of performance in the low-power market segment.

eSilicon’s philosophy for developing cache memories is to first meet the end customer’s performance requirements. Then we map the circuitry to the customer’s other key metrics, such as low leakage or small area. This philosophy has helped us consistently deliver fast-cache memories that meet customer requirements.

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