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FinFET ASIC Design & Manufacturing Services

eSilicon manages the design, development and manufacturing of highly complex FinFET ASICs for our customers—system OEMs in networking, computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G infrastructure. To meet the demands of building these monster ASICs, we have created a new model for taking our ASIC customers from RTL to volume production: transparent, collaborative, flexible. We call it the coASIC model.

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eSilicon’s Networking-Centric 7FF IP Platform

eSilicon offers a set of high-performance and high-bandwidth IP and 2.5D solutions on TSMC’s 7FF technology that target networking and high-performance computing applications by offering 3.3GHz caches and TCAMs with up to 1.8 billion searches per second (worst-case operation), along with the 2.5D integration of up to 1228 Gbytes/sec data rate high-bandwidth memory (HBM2).

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Maximize System Performance with High-Bandwidth Memory: HBM2 Hardened PHY Solution on TSMC 7FF

High-bandwidth memory achieves higher bandwidth while using less power in a substantially smaller form factor than DDR4 or GDDR5. At 14/16nm, HBM addresses the bandwidth gap with up to 256 GB/s data rate per memory at 2Gbps pin speed. At 7nm, the pin speed increases to 2.4Gbps with bandwidth up to 307GB/s

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TCAM: Embedded Ternary CAM Compilers

eSilicon offers a broad range of silicon-proven,* feature-rich, high-performance, high-density, power-optimized embedded 7nm-180nm binary and ternary CAM compilers. Our TCAM compilers provide high-efficiency, cost-effective solutions for applications such as network search engines, cache for network processors, QoS services, classifications, Ethernet, ATM switches and other diverse networking applications. Search speeds for the 7nm TCAM exceed 1.8 GSPS under worst case operating conditions, and up to 2.5 GSPS under typical operating conditions. (*7nm in development.)

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eSilicon HBM2 Hardened PHY Solutions on Samsung 14LPP, TSMC 16FF+ and TSMC 28HPC

eSilicon has a complete 2.5D/HBM2 (high-bandwidth memory) solution: 2.5D ecosystem management, HBM2 PHY, ASIC, interposer and package design through manufacturing. This brochure gives an overview of our HBM2 hardened PHY solutions on Samsung 14LPP, TSMC 16FF+ and TSMC 28HPC. Contact for our full HBM2 PHY data sheet.

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eSilicon’s Networking-Centric 14LPP IP Platform

eSilicon has complete physical IP and 2.5D high-bandwidth memory (HBM2) solutions on Samsung 14LPP technology, including high-performance, high-bandwidth networking-centric memory compilers, TCAM, HBM2 PHY and extended-voltage GPIO (EVGPIO). For complete data sheets and silicon results, contact or log on to IP Navigator at

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eFlex Custom Embedded Memory IP

eSilicon custom memory IP can optimize an ASIC design for power, performance, or area (PPA) to deliver the right chip at the right price for your market.

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