Custom Memory IP and I/Os

Custom Memory IP and I/Os

eSilicon’s IP solutions include foundation and custom memories that are different from standard off-the-shelf solutions. We tailor our solutions to fit seamlessly into your design and test flow with custom features. Our memories are optimized across the spectrum of performance, power, area, and yield to address your specific market requirements. eSilicon offers one of the broadest ranges of expertise in embedded memory IP among semiconductor IP providers, and we have been a provider of customer-specific memory IP to leading integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), fabless semiconductor companies (FSCs) and OEMS for over a decade.

In addition to memory IP, we offer process development services to IDMs and foundries during early-stage process bring-up:

  • SRAM bit-cell development
  • Test-chip design for process development and yield enhancement
  • CAST™ device characterization tool and services: Component Auto-generation System for Test-chip creation

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Now you can get immediate answers to your power, performance or area (PPA) questions with pre-loaded data for eSilicon® memory compilers and I/Os using eSilicon Navigator.

Custom IP Engagement Model

As shown in the diagram below, our business model provides you with flexibility to engage in early-stage process development, bit-cell development, custom memory instance development, and full memory compiler development. These handoffs give you the flexibility to focus on your core competencies. Our highly collaborative approach to memory design provides you continuous feedback on the state of your memory and addresses PPA (performance, power, area) issues early in the process for a high-quality design and a predictable schedule.

eSilicon Custom IP Engagement Model


Embedded Memories

Our memories are optimized across the spectrum of performance, power, area, and yield to address customer-specific market requirements.

eSilicon memories support the complete set of industry-standard EDA flows. We work closely with our foundry and IDM partners to incorporate the latest guidelines, including statistical analysis, design for manufacturability (DFM) rules, and redundancy guidelines.

We collaborate with our customers to customize an already-developed memory compiler or instance and optimize the functionality, performance, power, area, and/or yield to match your SoC’s design-specific needs.

Please contact if you would like to learn more about our custom IP offering.

Foundation Memories

eSilicon develops foundation memory compilers customized for various market segments such as automotive, networking, wireless, aerospace, consumer and Internet of Things (IoT). These memory compilers include SRAMs, register files & ROMs.

Specialty Memories

eSilicon not only develops memory compilers for foundation memories, but also develops memory compilers for specialty memories. These specialty memories include ternary CAM, binary CAM, multi-port register files, asynchronous register files and fast cache memories.