Sub-System Design Optimization

Free up Your Designers to Work on Critical System Blocks

In many system-on-chip (SoC) cases, the company designing the chip wants to focus its resources on the key blocks that differentiate its products in the market. Although a processor and memory sub-system may be a necessary part of the SoC and must be implemented, the company doesn’t want to tie its key designers up with designing and even more importantly, validating this sub-system.

eSilicon can design and optimize a processor and memory sub-system to free up your designers to work on your critical system blocks. Our designers have access to, and experience with, a broad range of processors and peripherals and can quickly craft a sub-system that meets your system needs, whether you are at the leading edge of what is possible in performance with the latest cores or are interested in the lowest possible power in an older processing technology.

eSilicon has implemented and optimized sub-systems for customers across a wide variety of applications, such as consumer MP3 players, printers, industrial control applications, telecom switches and projectors. Process technologies used today range from state-of-the-art deep sub-micron to mature processes for low leakage. eSilicon has experience with a variety of processors, including those from ARM, Cadence and Synopsys.

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