Semiconductor Manufacturing Services

Semiconductor Manufacturing Services

eSilicon’s traditional ASIC engagements start at some point along the design continuum. Increasingly, customers are bringing us proven, tested chips and asking us to manage ongoing volume production. In an environment of scarce resources, fabless semiconductor companies (FSCs) and OEMs are increasingly choosing to focus their efforts on R&D, not operations.

SMS Offerings

Semiconductor manufacturing services are an option for FSCs and OEMs who want to get out from under the burden of managing volume ASIC production. There are two ways we can engage:

  • Handoff of existing products: A chip that has already been in volume production. Characterization and qualification are complete. Yield is stable
  • Pre-production handoff: Characterization, qualification and test program (including test fixtures) are complete; the chip is ready to start volume production

Why SMS?

  • Operational competitive edge:
    • eSilicon delivers in-house domain expertise in quality, reliability, product test, packaging, and volume production
  • Re-allocation of your resources from production management to innovation:
    • eSilicon optimizes overall quality while reducing cost
    • eSilicon manages logistics and capacity
  • Overhead reduction with significant savings in operating expenses and cost of goods sold:
    • Improved economies of scale (chips, IP, systems, tools) and increased purchasing leverage at world-class suppliers
    • Work in process (WIP) financing burden lifted
  • Precision ASIC manufacturing:
    • Better visibility through eSilicon’s sophisticated infrastructure: tools, processes and people
    • The STAR Tracker production management tool gives you and our planners current data on WIP throughout the entire manufacturing process, from PO to packaged, tested parts
    • STAR Tracker also integrates with your existing production management systems, making the outsourcing process seamless and predictable
  • Instant scalability:
    • We have the infrastructure in place to support your rapid growth — you don’t need to staff up to ramp up


Please contact to find out if our SMS offering is a fit for your company. You can also apply for an online STAR account on our registration page. It’s free, and it will give you access to a demonstration version of STAR Tracker.