eSilicon Expertise

Accelerated Design, Custom IP and a Proven Production Process for First-Time-Right ASICs

Our flexible engagement model allows customers to hand off their design at a variety of levels — or engage strictly for custom memory IP. OEMs typically engage at the RTL or netlist level, while fabless semiconductor companies (FSCs) typically engage at the GDSII handoff or production level.

  • For traditional ASIC development and production, our ASIC engagement model manages the process, from deploying design virtualization technology to helping you choose the best third-party or custom eSilicon IP for your design; to test engineering and yield management; through predictable, on-time delivery of your final chip in volume.
  • For customers with proven chips who want to focus on their core business — rather than operations — our Semiconductor Manufacturing Services (SMS) engagement model is the answer. We will take your tested, production-ready chip and manage your volume manufacturing and delivery.
  • Our custom memory IP offering supports the ASIC model, as well as independent engagements with customers, to supply an array of 14nm-180nm silicon-proven custom memories.

Whichever path you choose, we’ve built a proven system to take your design to volume production.

eSilicon’s Flexible Engagement Model

  • Synthesis
  • Simulation
  • Verification
  • Place and route
  • Design for test(DFT)
  • Formal verification
  • Timing optimization
  • Power optimization
  • DRC / LVS
  • Tapeout
  • Assembly test
  • Product
  • Product engineering
  • Quality / reliability
Production (SMS)
  • Capacity scheduling
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Product cost management
  • Supply chain management


Our team uses eSilicon’s well-defined processes and infrastructure to manage your design from product development to volume production release so that your product is built to meet your requirements. The process starts pre-tapeout with package selection, tester selection, and characterization and qualification planning.

Our productization services include:

  • Package layout
  • Test plan development
  • Test hardware development
  • Test pattern conversion
  • Test program bring-up
  • Prototype unit coordination and delivery

Online Automation: an eSilicon Core Competence

From the very beginning, eSilicon has focused on automating many of its business processes. Whether it involves manufacturing logistics, ASIC quote generation, IP sales or design optimization, we have built an extensive and sophisticated automation backbone for every task. The result is higher predictability, improved accuracy and substantial improvements in enterprise efficiency.

Timeline for eSilicon STAR platform


Through our eSilicon® STAR platform, we’re now making this sophisticated automation available to all customers worldwide through the internet. The technology behind all the STAR platform tools has seen years of use inside eSilicon. It’s now time for our customers to enjoy the same benefits that we have seen.